The Iowa Court of Appeals has rejected a Clarinda man’s bid to overturn his conviction on charges filed after he drove his S-U-V through the front doors of a casino. According to the Appeals Court opinion, Douglas Kinney spent a day “gambling and drinking at Prairie Meadows” then he walked out, got in his S-U-V and drove it through the south entrance to the casino. Two people were injured; one of them was in a coma for seven days. A sort of “black box” in Kinney’s S-U-V was retrieved, and it showed he was driving 45 miles an hour and did not have his foot on the brake when he hit the casino. Kinney was convicted of two counts of willful injury and one count of first-degree criminal mischief. Kinney appealed, complaining his trial lawyer was ineffective and there wasn’t enough evidence to support the conviction. The Appeals Court disagreed and upheld his conviction.