A camera crew from cable T-V’s Spike Network will be back in the eastern Iowa town or Riverside next week. Riverside Mayor Bill Poch says the crew will shoot video and interviews to promote next month’s airing of “Invasion Iowa,” a reality-based show that duped residents into thinking a Hollywood movie was being shot there. Mayor Poch says Spike execs have assured him, the four-night series won’t be embarrassing. Poch says “I’m not worried about Iowans looking like a bunch of bumpkins because Iowans are just salt-of-the-earth, regular, everyday people and when people around the country see it, they’re going to know that whatever’s done here could’ve been done anywhere in the country, it just happened to be done here because we are the future birthplace of Captain James T. Kirk.” Kirk was a fictional character on T-V’s original “Star Trek” and Riverside has claimed him as a future native son. Actor William Shatner, who played Kirk, was at the helm of “Invasion Iowa.” Poch says Shatner and the rest of the film crew members are the ones who’ll look silly on the program to the rest of America. Poch says “They’re going to see our reactions to these movie stars from Hollywood. They’re going to say ‘we would’ve done the same thing,’ because some of the things they have done were pretty outlandish and outrageous.” The show “Invasion Iowa” will begin airing March 29th and conclude on April Fool’s Day at 9 P.M. on Spike, available in 87-million homes nationwide.