A southwest Iowa man is dead after a shooting last night in a bowling alley. Mills County Sheriff’s officials say shortly after 6:30-p.m. Sunday, a white male in his 40’s walked into the Midwest Lanes bowling alley in Glenwood, and began firing at another white male, who was also in his 40‘s. Witnesses — who identified the victim as Mark Mayberry, of Glenwood — said Mayberry was shot in the chest at close range. At least four shots were fired before two men jumped the shooter and subdued him until police could arrive. Mayberry was pronounced dead at a local hospital and the man who allegedly shot him was taken into custody. Around thirty people were in the bowling alley when the incident unfolded, including numerous children. Glenwood police Chief John O’Conner told reporters a team of counselors have been called in to help witnesses deal with the incident, which is under investigation by the Iowa D-C-I, Glenwood Police Department and Mills County Sheriff’s Office.