The northwest Iowa man who was acquitted in a highly-publicized child murder trial two years ago now faces federal drug charges. 30-year old Jesse Wendelsdorf has been indicted in federal court in Sioux City. The charges include conspiracy to rent, use and maintain a residence in Spirit Lake for distributing and manufacturing methamphetamine and marijuana, possession with intent to distribute 50-grams or more of mixed meth and conspiracy to manufacture 5-grams or more of pure meth. Wendelsdorf faces a mandatory minimum sentence of 5-years and a maximum of 40-years in prison and a 2-million dollar fine. Wendelsdorf was acquitted in the sexual abuse and murder of Spirit Lake toddler Shelby Duis. He was living with Shelby and her mother, Heidi Watkins, in January of 2000 when the two year old was killed. Watkins is serving a 50-year child endangerment sentence in connection with Shelby’s death. Wendelsdorf’s trial is set for April 4th.