Pursue your dreams, not money. That’s the recommendation of one of America’s best-known interior designers — who almost became a doctor. Vern Yip, who’s appearing today (Saturday) in Des Moines, says his parents didn’t foster his creative side and wanted him to pursue medicine instead. He got degrees in chemistry and economics from the University of Virginia, applied and was accepted to med school and then two weeks before classes were to start, worked up the courage and told his parents it wasn’t what he wanted to do. After a little time off to regroup, Yip went back to school to pursue his childhood dream, earning a masters in architecture and an M-B-A in finance and marketing. Yip’s big break came as a star on “Trading Spaces” and his new show, “Home Intervention,” will air on N-B-C starting in August. He also has a book due out in April, “Designing Spaces.” Yip says he’s very fortunate to have been able to focus on his dreams. Yip says “You really can’t chase things like money. You can’t chase things like fame. You’re always going to be more successful if you chase what’s in your heart, what you’re passionate about. That’s always, to me, the most important thing to guide you.”Yip will be making presentations and doing Q-and-A sessions at the Des Moines Home and Garden Show at 11 AM and 3 PM today (Saturday). For more information, surf to “www.desmoineshomeandgardenshow” or call 800-HOM-SHOW.