The Iowa Senate this week approved a bi-partisan bill to curb methamphetamine production, but some in the House are dissatisfied with the proposal. Under the bill, consumers needing cold medication containing more than 360-milligrams of pseudoephedrine — a key ingredient in the manufacture of meth — would be required to buy those products from a pharmacist. Stores could sell up to two packages of smaller doses, as long as they keep them locked up and track inventory. The consumer would also be required to show a photo I-D and sign a log book. Representative Clel Baudler, a Republican from Greenfield, wants tougher restrictions. Baudler says many in the house “think that’s way too easy.” The subcommittee meets again Tuesday to discuss a limit of only 200-milligrams, and just one package per purchase. Republican House Speaker Christopher Rants says he’s considering blocking the bill once it gets to the house, saying the legislature is “getting carried away.” Rants says the measure would block consumer access to needed medication and drive up health care costs. Baudler says Rants is out of touch with what his fellow Republicans want. Baudler says “I hate to see Christopher stand in front of this bus and try to stop it — it left the station before this session ever started.” He says many are on board and Baudler himself “might even be driving it or riding shotgun.” Baudler says Rants told of his own allergies and his use of over-the-counter cold medicines that might contain pseudoephedrine. Baudler then offered the House leader some advice that didn’t sit well. If he’s using that much medicine, Baudler says it would behoove Rants to go to a doctor and get a prescription, to make sure he’s not over- or under-medicating himself. It was after that, says Baudler, that Rants called a news conference threatening to block the bill that was proposed by the Senate.