More than 40-thousand fans are expected to crowd into Vets Auditorium in downtown Des Moines for the high-school wrestling tournament that begins today (Wednesday) and runs through Saturday night. Those fans will have to negotiate through the road construction zone along the Des Moines freeway…and then the construction of the new Iowa Events Center. The D-O-T’s Bill Lusher, who’s in charge of freeway construction, has tips on the best ways to get to Vets. Westbound travelers can take the 3rd-street exit to Vets, and may park in the north parking lot at the auditorium. He says they might need to proceed a little further downtown to find a parking garage there. If folks come into downtown from the west, take the 7th-street exit, as he advises it’ll offer great access to the parking garages. The project in West Des Moines provided for an extra lane going each way, so at least on that end of town there’ll be a third lane to make it a little easier for drivers. There’s some parking on the north side of Vets Auditorium but Lusher says some folks will have to venture farther downtown to find parking ramps. The DOT’s even planning to have message signs along the 235 freeway to help motorists follow the suggested alternate routes.