An educator from north-central Iowa’s Hamilton County is named as the state’s 2005 Mid-level Principal of the Year. Becky Hacker-Kluver, principal of Webster City Middle School, says she’s elated by the news.Hacker-Kluver says it’s an honor to receive the award, which she looks at as a team award for Webster City’s teachers, support staff, administrators and parents. Troyce Fisher, executive director of the School Administrators of Iowa, explains the process that led to Hacker-Kluver winning the title. Every one of the 15 member districts can nominate a principal from their geographic area. The nominations go to a committee which choses three candidates to interview face-to-face and then makes a decision. Fisher says Hacker-Kluver is an exceptional choice. Fisher says Hacker-Kluver is “tireless” in her efforts to involve the staff in decision-making and has been known to literally go out and wake kids up who are sleeping in and bring them to school. She’s been principal at Webster City since 1999 and has also worked in schools in towns including: Algona, Britt, Kanawha and Corwith. Hacker-Kluver is now in the running for the national Middle School Principal of the Year.