What’s being dubbed a thank-a-thon will run tomorrow (Saturday) on hundreds of radio and T-V stations across the region. The Red Cross asked broadcasters to run a public service announcement from 6 AM to 6 PM thanking the public for financial support during recent months after hurricanes slammed the southern U-S and the tsunami hit southern Asia. The agency’s David Rudduck, in Des Moines, says the donations were direly needed and the help was appreciated. Iowans alone donated almost two-million dollars to the Red Cross in the past two months. Nationwide, 240-million was donated for tsunami relief. Rudduck says the money let the Red Cross send relief teams over to Asia and helped provide items like tents, bed sheets, blankets, cooking sets and other items to help people recover. He says Iowans gave very generously and it’s appropriate for the Red Cross to now say “thank you” to those who donated money. Rudduck says people need to know their money is going to the right place, it is helping people and effecting the lives of those who were hit by disasters. For more information, call your local chapter of the American Red Cross.