A new effort is underway between Manpower Incorporated and A-A-R-P to help workers who’re in their 50’s and 60’s to continue working. Iowa Manpower spokesman Mike Lynch says almost one in three workers nationwide will be at least 50 years of age by 2010. He says as baby boomers and others approach what would normally be a typical retirement age, many are not choosing a typical retirement where they completely stop work. Lynch says the idea is to provide “mature” workers with a choice of flexible job options. He says it’s a common misconception that people get pigeonholed into one type of work or line of business and get stuck. But he says people are always learning and able to learn new things. Lynch says older workers may quit working full-time, but want to stay active for a variety of reasons, social, financial, and just to stay sharp mentally and physically. He says it’s a real logical thing for workers looking to re-enter the workforce. And he says mainstream employers are going to be forced to re-look at how they employ people and approach things. Lynch says Manpower will use its experience in helping workers find jobs in partnership with A-A-R-P which represents the largest segment or retired Americans.