A judge has agreed to halt next Monday’s resumption of Canadian cattle imports, granting the request from a cattle-producers’ action group. A judge in Montana granted the temporary injunction halting the planned resumption of imports of cattle from Canada, and he also told the group they should ask for a permanent injunction. R-CALF, the Ranchers and Cattlemens Legal Action Fund, has held auctions in states including South Dakota, Iowa and Nebraska to raise money for its legal fight. The group says other trade partners including Japan still haven’t dropped the barriers they threw up to U.S. beef after one case of Mad Cow was found, and Canada hasn’t proved it’s free from BSE, especially with the discovery of three more Mad Cow cases in recent months. The name of the R-CALF spokesman — Bill Bullard. The name of the judge who granted their injunction — U.S. District Judge Richard Cebull.