A gambling addiction counselor in Davenport says the old card game Poker is being glamorized on TV and kids are being encouraged to pick up the bad habit. Jim Crowder, of the Eastern Iowa Center for Problem Gambling, says he recently had a 16-year-old call him at three in the morning after an all-night Poker match. The boy was crying as he’d just lost four-thousand dollars and the other players threatened him with the “beating of his life” if he didn’t get the money. He didn’t have the money and was afraid to go to school for fear of what would be waiting for him. Crowder says some eastern Iowa kids are getting hooked on gambling and finding themselves in serious consequences. The aunt of another 16-year-old called and said the student sold all of his jewelry, stole some of his parents’ items and sold them and was still six-thousand dollars in debt to a bookie. Crowder warns — kids who play poker, even with fake money, may get hooked when they start to win. He says kids as young as 12 have been calling his office for help.