Black Hawk County investigators are trying to determine who dumped dozens of dead animals in a field south of Waterloo. It was a gruesome discovery. Around 1 p-m Sunday, a man walking his dog on the outskirts of Waterloo came upon a dump site piled with dozens of animal carcasses. Officials say the bodies of several decomposed raccoons and opossums were found at the site, along with more than a dozen larger carcasses believed to be those of greyhound dogs. Investigators aren’t confirming how many dead animals were at the site, or if the large carcasses were those of greyhounds. Police questioned the landowner, but apparently haven’t developed any leads on who may have dumped the carcasses. Black Hawk County animal control officers estimate the dead animals were dumped at the site over six months ago. Investigators are looking for leads in the case. The Greyhound Protection League is also getting involved. The national organization is offering a one-thousand dollar reward for information that leads to an arrest.