Gasoline prices across Iowa have reached a new record high. Triple-A-Iowa’s Dawn Duffy says gas has never before been this expensive in the state. The average in Iowa is now two-dollars-two-cents a gallon. A month ago, the average in Iowa was a dollar-85. A year ago, it was selling at a dollar-67. OPEC leaders this week agreed to boost oil production by a-half million barrels a day, effective April first. Duffy says that -might- eventually mean lower gas prices.Despite the encouraging news that OPEC will raise oil production, Duffy says Iowans should -not- expect those prices at the pump to fall right away.When there’s talk of an oil production cut, gas prices go up within hours. With this announcement of a production boost, Duffy says it may take several weeks before it’ll be reflected with lower gas prices — if then. The Triple-A survey finds the cheapest gas in Iowa is in Cedar Rapids at a dollar-96 a gallon, while Sioux City has the most expensive gas at two-dollars-seven cents.