If you’re a junk food junkie, a new study says you could be cutting your life span by five to 20 years. Iowa Senator Tom Harkin blames advertising that targets children for what he says is an obesity plague. Harkin says he plans to introduce a bill that would enable the U.S. Ag Secretary to ban all junk food ads in schools. Harkin says childhood obesity is an epidemic that’s leading to skyrocketing numbers of cases like obesity-related diseases such as diabetes. 15-percent of American children and teens are overweight, the most of any industrialized nation. Harkin says advertisers putting billboards for soft drinks on school buses and it has to stop. He says it’s a “relentless pervasive barrage of advertising designed to hook our children on junk food.” Harkin says kids are being “blitzed” with thousands of ads a year for products high in fat, salt and sugar. The democrat says he’ll also introduce a bill that would allow the Federal Trade Commission to more closely regulate ads that target kids, something the F-T-C hasn’t had in some 25 years.