Some 400 college students from across the country are at Iowa State University today (Friday) through Sunday for a chance to get a look at their future career. They’re all pre-veterinary students and I-S-U senior Raye Taylor-Vokes says the seminar in Ames has a couple of purposes. She says it’s designed to recruit students to different programs and let them know what veterinary medicine is all about. Taylor-Vokes says this is the second time I-S-U has hosted the symposium. She says the point is to expose them to several different options and let them see some of the veterinary practices they don’t normally get to see — such as working with cattle. Taylor-Vokes says it took a lot of effort to prepare for the event. She says the 180 members in their club have planned this for about a year-and-a-half. She says the symposium is used as a recruiting opportunity for I-S-U’s Vet School. Taylor-Vokes says it could be a big weekend for students who decide the direction they’ll take once they enter veterinary school.