While a dollar may not stretch as far as it used to, you can buy four houses for a buck each in Grinnell. Grinnell College is offering the houses at the low price — something Monica Chavez-Silva, the director of the college’s Office of Community Enhancement, says they’ve done two other times. She says the college occasionally finds it has some homes that were used for programing that are no longer needed, but may fit someone else’s needs. There is a catch though — you have to pay to move the house off the campus. She says you’ll need a place to move the house and will be responsible for contracting the mover and guarantee that the mover can get the job done. The cost of moving may too much for most, as Chavez-Silva says past offers have met with limited success.She says they did have one person take two homes that were offered in 2001, so they thought they’d try it again. Chavez-Silva says if you’re interested in buying one of the homes you must commit to moving it by April 29th, and actually move it between May 24th and June 3rd. For more information, contact Monica Chavez-Silva at (641)269-3900.