Iowa’s congressional delegation has voted to try to intervene in the case of a Florida woman who’s in a persistent vegetative state and whose husband has sought to have her feeding tube removed. The four Iowa Congressmen who were in D-C overnight voted to have a federal judge review a petition from the parents of Terri Schiavo, who want to keep their daughter alive. Schiavo’s feeding tube was removed on Friday, and Congressman Steve King, a republican from Kiron, was in the U-S House of Representatives early this morning to cast a vote in favor of Schiavo’s parents. “It is the most energy I have ever seen in my time here and the most focus I have ever seen,” King says of the experience. Congressman Steve King says “heaven and earth has been moved for this case, for Terri Schiavo’s life, for her constitutional rights and for the precedent this sets.” King says Schiavo, who is now 41, will die a slow and agonizing death if a judge doesn’t order that lifelife of a feeding tube to be reattached to Schiavo. King says Schiavo’s husband has a conflict of interest on this case and should not be allowed to act as Schiavo’s guardian. King says it was only after Michael Schiavo entered a new relationship that he claimed Terri did not want to be kept alive by artificial means. Congressman Boswell did not make it back to Washington for the vote. Both of Iowa’s U-S Senators voted on Friday in favor of federal intervention in Schiavo’s case. Michael Schiavo says he is “outraged” that lawmakers are trying to intervene and “trample” into a personal family matter.