An eastern Iowa teen found a way to get around the awkward process of asking a date to the prom.You could call it the Internet version of “The Dating Game”. Stu Hemesath wanted to make himself available as a prom date this spring, but instead of competing against two other contestants on a television show, he decided to sell himself on eBay. The La Porte City High School senior posted pictures and a description of himself on the popular auction website to secure some bids. He got plenty of offers, including one from as far away as Alaska, but the winning bid was made by Rachel Kay, a 17-year-old student at Cedar Falls High School. She bid $29.95 for Hemesath to be her prom date. The two Black Hawk County students have never met, but plan to get together before the big day. Kay says she’s looking forward to their date. Hemesath says he came up with the idea of selling himself on eBay while thinking about proms. He decided to follow through on his plan because friends thought it would be cool.