An administrator who oversees the state’s Sex Offender Registry says there are almost 65-hundred names on the website and most abused kids. Steven Conlin, an assistant director of the Division of Criminal Investigation, says over 80 percent of all the people who’s been required by law to put their names and addresses on the sex offender registry abused a juvenile. Conlin says after a convicted sex offender was accused of killing a Cedar Rapids girl, the Sex Offender website has been deluged. On Tuesday of this week, those who visited the website logged 370-thousand page views, which means they called up that many pages on their computer screens. Conlin says his agency is trying to update the system. “I guess I would equate it to if any one of us would have bought a home computer in 1995 and now you’re using that same one, it just doesn’t have the same bells and whistles that some of the newer equipment does,” Conlin says. He says they hope to upgrade the system so you can type in your address, and the Registry will kick back a list of sex offenders who live within a mile of your home. Officials are also hoping to set up a system that would let you get an e-mail update if a sex offender who lives near you moves, or another person on the registry move into your neighborhood. Conlin testified this (Thursday) morning before the Senate Judiciary Committee and asked for more money to hire more people to handle the Sex Offender Registry and to upgrade the computer system and software used to maintain it. Some legislators, though, say state administrators should be reassigning money and people they already have to the Sex Offender Registry.