Some disturbing revelations today in the case of a western Iowa teenager accused of setting the fire that killed her younger brother and sister. The biological mother and father of 17-year old Tracey Dyess told officials in a Cass County Courtroom in Atlantic, that their daughter had been sexually abused since she was four years old, and by three different men. Debbie Street, who is married to Tracey’s stepfather Brian Street and Steve Grothe (growth-ee) said she was aware of abuse by her husband Steve, but denied knowing about Brian’s role until after the March 31st fire that killed her 13-year old daughter Jessica and six-year old adopted son Kaleb. Tracey’s father Michael Dyess testified Brian’s father Frank also molested Tracey as she was growing up. Debbie Street said also, that she was a prostitute at the time she met Michael, and knew she was marrying her step-brother when she married Brian Street. After hearing all of today’s testimony, Judge Jeffrey A. Larson refused to decide on whether Tracey would be tried in an adult or juvenile court. His decision is expected with though, within the next few days.