Three people were shot in a chase through Des Moines Sunday afternoon, including a Polk County Sheriff’s deputy who’s in critical condition. Thirty-three-year-old off-duty Deputy Mike Lose tried to flag down a man who allegedly went speeding through his neighborhood. Police say the man fired several shots, hitting Lose and his brother-in-law, Paul Monroe. Des Moines police then gave chase, ramming and crashing the suspect’s pickup truck a few miles away. Police Sergeant Todd Dykstra (DIKE-strah) says when the suspect was apprehended, they found he’d been shot too, though it’s unclear if he shot by Deputy Lose or by a police officer. The suspect’s identified as 20-year-old Oscar Gonzalez of Des Moines. He was wanted on several warrants from 2002 for attempted murder, terrorism and gang participation. Dykstra says police conducted a manhunt last night. He says they weren’t looking for anyone specifically, just someone who may have been involved in the shooting. They wanted to make sure the park, where the original shooting took place, was safe. The deputy’s brother-in-law, Monroe, was treated and released. Gonzalez’ condition has not been released. Des Moines police will hold a news conference at three o’clock this afternoon to discuss the case.