UNI athletic director Rick Hartzell is still recovering after suffering first, second and third-degree burns on his body following an accident last week. The burns were serious enough that he was airlifted to Iowa City. Hartzell was burned when helping his son work on the fuel pump of his race car last Thursday. The most serious injuries occur on his leg, arms and neck. Despite some obvious pain, Hartzell for the most part is doing well. He says all things considered he’s okay. “I’m pretty lucky, happy to be alive, and the more I think about it and realized what happened, I’m pretty happy.” Hartzell says the burns are pretty painful.
Hartzell says the accident could have been much worse. He says he’s the “luckiest person in the world. Lucky as you can possibly be.” Hartzell says he’s gotten thousands of e-mails and phone calls from people, and calls that unbelievable support.
Hartzell is in Iowa City today to determine whether or not he will need more surgery to his leg.