A movie that was shot in Des Moines last summer with an all-Iowa cast will have its world premiere in Iowa’s largest city on Thursday. Des Moines native Mas Gardner wrote, directed, produced and acted in the movie “Boone Style.” He describes the storyline. It’s the story of a typical semi-dysfunctional Midwestern family reunion, narrated by an eight-year-old girl. Her daylong mission is to lend balance to the family unit and she colorfully describes the quirks, issues and conflicts of her loved ones. Gardner has worked as an assistant director for several big-budget Hollywood productions, but came home for this effort. The cast of 19 is comprised of 19 Iowans all all scenes were shot in Iowa. Gardner says the film will only be shown in Des Moines, for now, with the potential for statewide — and nationwide — release. He says “It’s a fun story and I think everybody here would enjoy it. Now, those outside of Iowa, we’ve done a good job with this and it would be enjoyed by all and if we go theatrical across the nation, that would be wonderful. That would definitely be a bonus.” The film holds an invitation-only debut Thursday night at the Fleur Cinema and Cafe in Des Moines with the public premiere there on Friday. For information, surf to “www.fleurcinema.com”.