Bettendorf and the Isle of Capri Casino this week reached an agreement on a 65-million dollar downtown development project. Bettendorf city attorney Greg Jager says the deal between the city and the gaming company is to last 20 years. The city has pledged to build a 40-thousand-square-foot events center and a parking lot for nine-hundred cars. The city will also build a skywalk from the events center to the Isle of Capri’s hotel. In return, the Isle of Capri will add two-hundred-50 rooms on to that hotel and the company will manage the events center. Jager says the Isle of Capri officials are “as good as their word.” The entire deal with worth an estimated one-hundred-one million dollars with financing costs figured in. Bettendorf City Aldermen approved the deal Tuesday night and everyone who was at the meeting toasted the deal with non-alcoholic champagne.