Plans for the 30-million gallon bio-diesel plant at Wall Lake continue moving right along. Project manager Jim Venner says they’ll break ground for the new plant Friday afternoon. He says they want to push the project ahead as quickly as they can and they’re now ready to turn a little dirt. Venner says all portions of the project have been on the fast track — including the campaign to raise the money. He says they had 14 meetings and raised 22-million dollars in equity. He says their goal is to be in production yet this year. He says it’ll be a challenge, but he thinks they can get it done. Venner says most of the investment in the plant came locally. He says 70-percent of the members and dollars invested come from farmers. He says one fourth come from Sac County with 50-percent coming from surrounding counties. He says they did sell securities in 58 counties. The groundbreaking is Friday at 1 p-m at the site one mile south of Wall Lake.