Many waited and sacrificed for years to see the end of the fighting in Europe in World War Two. Saturday at the Gold Star Miltary Museum in Johnston they’ll celebrate 60th anniversary of “Victory in Europe Day.” Museum Director Russ Bierl says they’ll have Iowa World War Two veterans on hand. He says, “They’re going to arrive in two shifts, one shift in the moring and one shift in the afternoon, so visitors will have a chance to come in and speak with these veterans of V-E Day and learn from their experiences.” Bierl says Iowa made a large contribution to the war effort. He says especially the Iowa National Guard regiments that were activated to federal duty. The 168 and 133 infantry regiments were mobilized in the spring of 1941, and served with the U.S. Army until the end of the war in 1945. He says Red Oak had the highest per-capita number of men missing in action or killed in the war of any city in the U.S. Bierl says there’ll be plenty of other things to see too. He says they’ll have restored World War Two vehicles and some reenactors to give people an idea of the type of equipment used by G-I’s during the war. Bierl says it’s a chance to celebrate and listen to the World War Two veterans who won’t be around forever. He says the last statistic he’s heard in the veterans are passing away at a rate of about 12-hundred a week. He says the U.S. had mobilized about 16-million men and women for the war. The museum opens at nine A.M. and will be open until five p.m. The event is free.