Many people are looking to get in a little better shape with the summer season approaching — and they’re looking to a personal trainer for help. Kristy Leen, is a personal trainer at the University of Northern Iowa Wellness Center, and says trainers can give your fitness desire a direction. She says the give accountability, motivation. She says trainers teach you how to set up the equipment, how to warm up and cool down, how to stretch, how many reps to do in a workout. Those who played sports in high school had the coach as the person to show them the way — and Leen says the personal trainer can fill that role. She says they’re there to be a sounding board, and to push people to do a little more than they would regularly do. Leen says you should look for a personal trainer that’s certified. Leen says you also want to be sure that you’re comfortable with the person, “they don’t intimidate you, they motivate you.” Leen says there are many places to find a personal trainer, from the Y-M-C-A to your local fitness club.