A state Senator who was chairman of the Republican Party of Iowa is now the chairman of “Iowans for Nussle” — the group assembled to help Congressman Jim Nussle run for governor. Chuck Larson of Cedar Rapids says he’s “very excited” about the idea of Nussle being governor. Larson says Nussle, at a very young age, was tapped to be chairman of the U.S. House Budget Committee. September 11th happened soon after, and Larson says Nussle helped shepherd the country through the recovery from that attack and the recession.Larson won’t be paid, but will be a campaign volunteer. Larson says he’ll help Nussle develop a campaign message. In addition, Larson will focus much of his effort in building a grassroots network of Nussle supporters throughout the state. Larson was chairman of the Republican Party of Iowa during the 2002 and 2004 election campaigns, but missed much of the 2004 campaign as he was called to active military duty in Iraq. Larson, a major in the Army, is a military lawyer.