Iowa’s politicians are reacting to news of military cut-backs in Iowa. Democrat Governor Tom Vilsack says he’s concerned about the recommended reduction at the Rock Island Arsenal in the Quad Cities. A Pentagon proposal calls for 12-hundred layoffs at the arsenal, and Vilsack says such a move would jeopardize the “economic security of the Quad Cities” and would be a “detriment to the national security of the heartland.” Senator Tom Harkin, also a Democrat, says the Rock Island Arsenal is “vital to the nation’s defense” and should be kept “fully operational.” But Congressman Jim Nussle, a Republican who represents the Quad Cities, sees a glass half full rather than half empty. Nussle says the arsenal dodged a bullet by not being targeted for all-out closure. Nussle says he’s concerned about the potential job losses, but is sure the arsenal will remain vital. A base closure commission will review the Pentagon’s list of recommendations, then Congress will consider the report before year’s end.