A custody battle involving an Amish child in northeast Iowa has been resolved. A judge has ruled an Amish woman from rural Hazelton should retain custody of her 13-month-old daughter who was conceived from an affair with an Oelwein businessman. The father, 67-year-old Dieter Erdelt, had sought custody of his daughter — Rachel Schrock — after the mother, Edna Schrock, tried to keep Erdelt from seeing his daughter. Schrock, who is 30 years old, had been an employee of Erdelt when the affair took place. The judge has ruled that Edna Schrock is a devoted and loving mother. The judge also noted the little girl will benefit from the care and attention of her extended family in the Amish community. According to the judge, Erdelt was stunningly irresponsible in having the affair with the Amish woman and he was old enough to have known better. However, the judge said Erdelt has acted responsibly after learning he was the father of the child. The judge has ordered the mother to ensure Erdelt gets eight hours with his child each week, and if she fails to comply, there’ll be another custody hearing.