You may see someone wearing a white ribbon or your neighbor’s porch light on all day today (Wednesday). Jeanie Dowd of the Missing Person Information Clearinghouse says it’s part of Missing Children’s Day in Iowa. She says the white ribbons are a symbol that people are thinking of missing children. She says the porch lights are a national symbol that missing children aren’t forgotten. Dowd says the number of missing kids in Iowa is always changing.She says a very large majority are teenage runaways that are gone for a short time and come right back. She says there is a small percentage of kids who have been missing for years. Dowd says State Patrol Troopers will also drive today with their lights on as a symbol that they’re out there to help kids. She says they hear kids say they can’t come home because they’re going to be in trouble with the police. She says that’s not what the police want, she says they want kids to come home and be safe and they don’t want kids to get into trouble. Dowd says they’ve also produced a special poster.She says they’re asking people to duplicate it and pass it out and ask people to check out their website and the pictures of missing kids. For information on missing kids in Iowa you can surf