The Iowa Court of Appeals has struck down two of the three gun convictions against an Indianola man who held police at bay outside his ex-wife’s house in 1999. Though, that the man will remain behind bars for decades.After leading cops on a high-speed chase, Wayne Sinclair holed-up in his ex-wife’s house in Indianola for four days with his two young sons as hostages. A state trooper tackled Sinclair just outside the home in a dramatic, televised ending to the stand-off. The Court of Appeals has ruled the gun charges against Sinclair should have been rolled into one. But the court upheld more the serious convictions like kidnapping and attempted murder against Sinclair. He was originally sentenced to a maximum of 72 years in prison and the court’s ruling on the gun charges won’t reduce that sentence. With credit for good behavior behind bars, Sinclair could be released after serving 44 years in prison.