A solid recruiting class may help the Drake men’s basketball team post its first winning season since 1987. Hoop Scoop magazine ranks the current Bulldog recruiting class as the best in the Missouri Valley Conference and 83rd nationally. Drake coach Dr. Tom Davis has been around long enough to know that one of the keys to turning a program around is to get better players. He says the better competition you play the more true that is. He says this may’ve been one of the best years for the conference. The five member recruiting class includes six-seven forward A.J Calvin, wo was an all conference selection at Butler junior college in Kansas. He says Drake’s academic reputation helps because players know they can get a lot of individual attention. Davis says the players also know the team needs help and maybe they can come in and play. Coming off a season in which the Bulldogs finished with a record of 13-16 Davis wanted his team to get bigger. Three of the recruits play on the front line. Davis says they need more athleticism as they haven’t had quickness are athletic ability at many positions.