An Iowa State University nutritionist says you can eat that burger from the grill without guilt about your diet if you make a few adjustments. Ruth Litchfield is working with the Iowa Beef Industry Council to tell people how to make burgers healthier. Litchfield says it’s really not the burger itself that can make the meal unhealthy. She says they’re trying to emphasize the things that accompany the burger, such as the bun. She says find a whole wheat bun to increase the fiber in your diet. Litchfield says something as simple as putting iceberg lettuce on the burger instead of romaine lettuce can make a difference. She says you can increase the vitamin A value and get more potassium by changing lettuce. She says you can also add tomatoes, onions and pickles to get some more vegetables. Litchfield says veggies are healthier than slapping on bacon, cheese, mayo and other calorie boosters.She says rather than covering up the flavor of the beef, you can enhance it with the vegetables while also getting your fiber. While the fast food joints advertise the massive half pound burgers, Litchfield says you’re better off not trying to duplicate them on your home grill.She says they’d rather see you look at a nice beef patty of three to four ounces — the size of a woman’s palm or a deck of cards. And she says cook the patty long enough to hit the 160-degree internal temperature to cook the meat enough to make it safe. For more ideas on how to build a better burger, visit: