While state regulators have approved four new casinos, the Native American casino in Tama is expanding to keep up. Meskwaki casino marketing director Betsy McClosky says you can see the work underway. She says they’ve started removing one side of the building where they’re going to start the first phase of the expansion project. McClosky says it’ll take a little over one year to complete the renovation. She says they hope to have everything done by the fall of 2006 and she says they’re ahead of schedule right now. She says they’re adding 200 hotel rooms along with other “amenities.” She says they’ll go from 15-hundred to two thousand slot machines , they’re adding a one-thousand seat convention center, they’re adding three to 400 bingo seats and a spa. McClosky says the expansion will include 400 new full-time jobs and several hundred part-time positions.