Former Vermont Governor Howard Dean, the man who made that infamous scream the night of the Iowa Caucuses, is back in Iowa tonight (Saturday) after causing a bit of a ruckus with his latest rhetoric. Dean has said a number of controversial things lately in his new role as chairman of the Democratic National Committee. For example, Dean said most Republicans have “never earned an honest living.” Governor Tom Vilsack says Dean’s new job as party leader is a lot different than being a governor. “What Howard Dean has to do is he has to continue to encourage the grassroots of our party to be engaged and to stay engaged,” Vilsack says. “I think you’re going to see him use rhetoric as a way of doing that. Each of us would use different language to convey, perhaps, a similar message.” But another of the nation’s Democratic governors who was in Iowa this past week is a bit more direct. Virginia Governor Mark Warner sat down for an interview with Radio Iowa and one of the topics of conversation was Dean. “Howard Dean’s role is to organize the Democrats, to raise funds for Democratic causes and Democratic candidates. I think he is one voice amongst many but I think sometimes his rhetoric gets a little ahead of himself,” Warner said.