Iowa motorists have a new tool to use in trying to find cheap gas prices. Triple-A-Iowa conducts daily surveys of gas stations in cities across the state and is now putting that information on the World Wide Web. Motor club spokeswoman Dawn Duffy says you can zoom in on city maps to get individual prices which are legit, contrary to pricing data on some websites. Duffy says some websites rely on motorists randomly entering prices they may’ve seen. The Triple-A site uses reliable data direct from gas stations themselves via the Oil Price Information Service, what she says is the nation’s most comprehensive source in gas pricing information. Duffy says the gas price data isn’t just for Iowa drivers. It covers information taken daily from more than 85-thousand gas stations nationwide, which will be helpful for Iowans who plan to drive long distances, be it for work or vacation. Duffy says if you’ll be going on a trip, it makes sense to know the prices ahead of time so you’ll know how to budget. The same thing goes for finding the cheapest gas between your home and workplace, so you don’t pay more than you really need to pay. To find the website, go to “” and click on the link for the Fuel Price Finder.