The executive director of the National Coalition Against Legalized Gambling’s in Iowa, urging Iowans to demand a moratorium on new casino licenses. Tom Grey says it’s clear Iowa does not need another casino. “What would the reasons be to expand beyond what they’re already expanded? How would they make the case to the rest of the state of Iowa that they think, my goodness, three more are better,” Grey says. “How about customers? Are customers clamoring for more? There’s so much gambling in Iowa, if you wake up I can’t believe there’s an itch that they can’t scratch pretty easily.” The Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission recently awarded four new casino licenses. The commission meets July 14th and will discuss whether to establish a moratorium that would forbid any new licenses. Some legislators and even the governor have said other communities should have a chance to re-state their case for a casino. “This is not being driven by citizens across the state of Iowa, calling the governor and saying ‘How dare you stop at just four! Why aren’t you adding three more?'” Grey says. “It’s being driven by self-interest. In some cases communities said they were excluded. Why can’t they have one? Well, how many communities are there in Iowa? I mean, when does it stop?” Grey’s visit to the state comes as a group of Iowa gambling opponents launch a new group called “one voice” in hopes of getting Iowa citizens to take a stand against gambling. Grey says the group is issuing a “general alarm” that gambling is “metastasizing” in Iowa and it’s time to stop it. The group is urging like-minded people to attend the Racing and Gaming Commission’s next meeting July 14th in Johnston.