An Iowa Falls man will try to make it into the Guinness Book of World Records today (Saturday) by baking the world’s largest pizza. Bill Bahr says he and his son Matt began planning the project several months ago and will put it into action today with help from friends and neighbors in Iowa Falls. Bahr’s an assistant manager at the pizza restaurant, and says local teams have been lined up to put it all together.Bahr says it’ll be done in sections, each team at a table with a share of dough, sauce and cheese. Each will assemble a section and hand it on down toward to the oven so it can be added as the pizza is built. Bahr says the record attempt should measure out at 129 feet by 98 feet, so he figures it comes out to 13, thousand square feet. The pizza will be made from 95-hundred 12-by-16-inch pre-baked pizza crusts, four-thousand pounds of cheese and over 700 pounds of sauce. It’ll all be put together on a steel floor built for grain bins. And once it’s assembled, Bahr says there’ll be one final topping added. He says kids from the Special Needs classes in Iowa Falls will be given bowls, and rubber gloves to wear, and will “toss a bunch of pepperonis wherever they land.” This project isn’t going be cooked using your mother’s pizza pan, either. Bahr describes an outer perimeter of cement block, and says they’ll use a grain-bin burner used for drying the harvest. Its blower will force heat up underneath to cook the pizza evenly. The pizza-building begins around noon, in the south parking lot of Iowa Falls High School. And by 3 in the afternoon he hopes to begin giving it all away to anyone who stops by. Proceeds will go to the special-needs class his son attends at the school. Betsy Roberts, KLMJ,Hampton/Brian Wilson,KLSS,Mason City