The cost of gasoline, which was starting to ease around the start of this month, jumped back up in the latest survey by the Department of Natural Resources. D.N.R. fuel-price analyst Jennifer Moehlman says the price for regular unleaded across Iowa on June fifteenth was tow-dollars and six cents a gallon, up about 3-cents from last month at this time. Much of the reason is the cost of the raw material. Moehlman says Friday’s crude-oil close hit a record price, more than 58-dollars a barrel. Moehlman says a good way to describe the market would be “jittery”…on its way up. She says demand for gasoline in the last year has outpaced the increase in domestic production, and that’s what’s pushed up prices — that tightening between supply and demand. Best thing you can do, she says, is make sure your engine’s tuned up. Use your cruise control, obey the speed limit, and drive as efficiently as you can. Consolidate trips, so you’re not running out for every little thing. She says while there’s not much you can do about gas prices, it won’t hurt to have a daily strategy — and a longterm plan. Longterm, look for your next vehicle to offer the best fuel economy for the model. She says the high and volatile prices aren’t going anyway.