A former Mason City police officer has been found guilty of lesser charge in his sexual abuse case. Dan Mason was accused of raping his former girlfriend last December and charged with third-degree sexual abuse. A courtroom attendant read the verdict this morning saying that Mason was found guilty of assault with the intent to commit sexual abuse. It took the jury about four hours to reach their verdict, which was read at about 11 o’clock this morning. Assistant Attorney General Patricia Houlihan says despite the conviction on the lesser charge, she is pleased with the verdict. She says the jury believed the victim and Mason was found guilty, so it’s a victory for all victims. Houlihan says the victim in this case is also content with the result. She says “She’s very relieved, very relieved and I told her that the jury believed her and she’s just happy to have it over.” Houlihan says it’s tough when the defendant is a member of law enforcement. She says the number of cases involving law enforcement officers is very low and the conviction rate is even lower than most sexual assault case, so they’re hard cases to prosecute. Assault with the intent to commit sexual abuse is an aggravated misdemeanor, punishable by up to two years in prison. Mason will be sentenced on August 8th. Mason is also facing two other trials in the near future…one on another charge of third degree sexual abuse; the other on charges of second degree burglary and assault with the intent to commit sexual abuse.