The head of the State Emergency Management Division is asking Iowans to report any flood damage. David Miller says he’s talked with county coordinators and thus far the flood damage doesn’t appear to be enough to qualify for a federal disaster declaration. He says, “We continue to look at that, and again that’s why it’s important that people to call in their damage information through their local coordinators to see if it’s even warranted that we ask for federal assistance. Miller says they have to be able to document the damage to get any help. He says you need to document and report the damage you have first to your local emergency management coordinator, or county emergency management coordinator. He says you can also contact local volunteer organizations for assistance. The recent flooding also hit lots of farm land and Miller says farmers also need to report damage. If you’re a farmer with damage to crops and terraces and those sorts of things, he says you should report that to the local F-S-A office or county extension office. Miller says you should also give your insurance agent a call. He says disaster programs usually take effect after insurance payments have been made, so you should check with your insurance agent right away. He says flooding isn’t covered in many cases, but you should check to be sure. Miller says the state can offer help in clean up through a state disaster declaration, but he says that’s not been necessary yet either.