State safety officials and the Iowa Motor Truck Association are stressing safety and sharing the road this Fourth of July holiday. Iowa Motor Vehicle Enforcement officer Darrin Stein says it doesn’t matter whether you’re driving a truck or car — you need to watch out for others on the road. He says one of the biggest things is giving each other enough room and staying spaced out so there’s room to turn safely or stop safely. The speed limit bumped up to 70 in some places — which Stein thinks will have some impact on traffic. He says stopping distances are going to be increased, but he says if everyone takes some extra time, we should have a safe weekend. The head of the Iowa State Patrol says they’ll pay extra attention to the areas where the speed limit drops down from 70-miles-an-hour to be sure people slow down. Colonel Robert Garrison says they’ll also be extra troopers in areas that have shown a history of having more accidents.