Thousands of Iowa football season ticket holders will watch the Hawkeyes from a different seat during the upcoming season. A new south endzone is part of the first phase of a nearly 90-million dollar renovation to Kinnick Stadium and Hawkeye ticket manager Dave Sandstrum says the student section is being moved into the new endzone. He says the south endzone doesn’t even look like the old endzone. He says the people affected knew what seats they had assigned to them up front. Sandstrum says while the process went smoothly he admits not everyone is happy. He says some people who had been sitting in the same area for 15 to 20 years, and he says they very were upset. Sandstrum says they did their very best to get them a seat that was comparable, but he says with the students taking up half of the south endzone, and you lose one thousand seats, it’s hard to find them the same type of seat.Sandstrum will have an even bigger chore for the 2006 season as they are reseeding the entire stadium as part of the renovation and everyone’s seats get changed.The Hawkeyes open the season September third at home against Ball State.