The Iowa Attorney General’s office has teamed up with minor league baseball teams again this year to spotlight parents who’re paying their child support. Kearstin Habhab of the Child Support Recovery Unit says the program is called “Stepping up to the Plate.”She says they’re recognizing “non-custodial parents” who have a good record of paying their child support. Their kids get into the ballgame free and she says it shows them the importance of being not only financially, but emotionally and physically involved with their kids. The kids get into the game free with their parents paid ticket. Habhab says the parents who do the right thing for their kids don’t always get recognition.She says a lot of the things in the media that get people’s attention are negative. She says they wanted to emphasize the positive and hopefully get some the parents involved that have been a presence in their kid’s lives. Habhab says all parents who might qualify are sent a postcard inviting them to take their kids and attend a ballgame in their area.She says it doesn’t work with everyone’s schedule. She says they see about 40 people come to the ball games. They held a “Step up to the Plate” night last night at the Iowa Cubs game. The Clinton Lumberkings, Waterloo Bucks, Cedar Rapids Kernels and Burlington Bees are also participating.