Rescue workers from Iowa and Nebraska will gather today (Friday) around the piles of rubble left over by the implosion of two dormitories Tuesday. Story County Emergency Management Coordinator Lori Morrissey says they’re going to do search and recovery training.She says the exercise will be a collapsed building that requires workers to search for and rescue victims. Morrissey says they’re going to try and make the drill realistic. She says they’ll plant some simulated victims and look for them. Morrissey says it’s a great opportunity to test their skills. She says there’ll be several new Iowa teams, including the Iowa Task Force, a new technical rescue team from Cedar Rapids and Sioux City. As well as the Iowa Disaster Medical Assistance Team from the Iowa Department of Public Health. And they’ll have some of the members of the FEMA Urban Search and rescue team from Nebraska. Morrissey says another specialized group that’s work on several recent cases will be there. She says the Story County Star-One rescue team will be there and it includes dogs from all over Iowa trained in air scent tracking and trailing. Morrissey says the Star-One Team was used recently in the search for Eveyln Miller in Floyd County. The training exercise begins at eight A.M. and runs until three in the afternoon.