After several sweltering hot days, forecasters say Iowans can expect relief from the heat very soon. National Weather Service meteorologist Karl Jungbluth says a cool front is making its way to Iowa and should arrive later tonight (Monday). Jungbluth says we’re in a rapid transition period from hot and humid to much cooler weather. Tomorrow’s (Tuesday’s) highs should be in the 70s in northern Iowa and the 80s in the south. That’s a far cry from Sunday’s highs which were in triple-digits for many Iowa cities. Burlington and Iowa City were the state’s hot spots on Sunday with highs of 103 degrees. Muscatine had reported 106 but Jungbluth says that was likely an error. As the cooler weather arrives, Jungbluth says there is the possibility for severe weather late tonight (Monday), along with many scattered showers. He says flooding should not be a problem, even for areas that get five inches of rain, since it’s been so dry. Parts of Crawford County got several inches of rain Sunday night, along with two-inch diameter hail and a tornado that briefly touched down in a corn field near Deloit.