A Iowa man’s still in jailed in Princeton, Illinois, after causing a brief terrorism scare two weeks ago. 44-year-old Terry Daniels was in his blue Ford van late one night when he started talking with truckers on the citizens-band radio. He told them he was from Cedar Rapids, he was going to the nation’s capital…and he had a bomb. His fellow overnight travelers called 911 and when Daniels pulled off I-80 to stop at a gas station in a small Illinois town, he was arrested. They brought in a bomb squad to check his van for explosives, and for a time thought he was toting a portable meth lab. But a search turned up mostly anti-government and white-supremacist literature. Daniels was jailed in the town of Princeton, and his bond set at fifty-thousand dollars. He has a court appearance a week from today on August tenth and we may learn then the results of psychological testing done after he was arrested.