Investigators say a rumor that’s been buzzing around Dubuque about a possible murder case for more than 30 years is -not- true. A swimming pool was excavated Wednesday at an old motel site and police say -no- body was found. Dubuque police investigator Kevin Klein says sources indicated an East Dubuque, Illinois, woman had been killed in 1975 and may have been buried under the pool floor. Since the pool was going to be destroyed anyway, Klein says it was the perfect opportunity to look for the body, but nothing was found. While the rumors had swirled in the past, there was not sufficient evidence to get a warrant and dig up the pool. The case of the missing woman, Patricia “Stacey” Spahn, is still open. Klein says crews worked on the pool for more than three hours, digging five feet below the floor, and only found dirt. Klein says “We just wanted to put an end to the rumor and maybe give the family some peace of mind in knowing that their sister or daughter isn’t in this pool floor.” Klein called Spahn’s sisters to let them know the rumor was just that. Klein says the Spahn family no longer lives in the Dubuque area, but was very interested in the search.